Clown from Licedei, Semianyki, trio Klavy
Hello, Cherished Guest!

I am delighted to have you here! A warm welcome to my page, where I am eager to share a glimpse of who I am. Allow me to introduce myself swiftly; I trust you'll enjoy reading this in the next 30 seconds!
I am Olya Inaya, a clowness hailing from the enchanting city of Saint-Petersburg. My artistic journey unfolded at the renowned clown-mime theater, "Licedei," where I honed my craft for a decade.

Embarking on an incredible adventure, I traveled the globe for a couple of years with the phenomenal team "Semianyki."
Then, I gathered a captivating female clown trio named "Klavy" and had the pleasure of performing our act, "Klavy in Love," in numerous countries. "Klavy" received resounding applause from audiences in Japan, the USA, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Latvia, and beyond...

Presently, I call France my home and am eagerly embracing new projects on the horizon!
To you, my dear guest, I wish nothing but the best! Feel free to scroll down to explore my photos and videos. Sending warm hugs your way!
Contacts :
tel : +33 745 04 03 11